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Become a Partner with OpoForex

Opoforex is the ultimate platform for earning passive income. Access state-of-the-art fintech results by partnering with Opoforex, an industry-leading global trading platform providing innovative investment and trading services to maximize your profit earning opportunities.

Increase your Revenue Potential

Opoforex has been providing its clients with solutions helping them innovate and access global capital markets. By partnering with Opoforex, you can benefit from a superlative post-trade and multi-asset execution process just from a single margin account, incorporated with regulatory and back-office services.
Start earning instantly with our partnership program by introducing your clients to our best-in-class and industry-trusted trading solutions. Our scalable and customizable solutions provide you with all kinds of tools and products you’ll need to grow your business. You can also partner with Opoforex as an Introducing Broker or an affiliate and benefit from practical trade conditions boosting your revenue from nil to kill!

Earn up to $15 rebates per lot and $500 CPA, Payout Daily & Weekly.

Key Features Of The I B Program

Hiring new recruits.

As an introducing broker, you have to refer new distributors and clients to Opoforex. In return, every time your introduced client makes sales, you will be rewarded a commission from the trade.


Opoforex organizes trading competitions where traders from all around the world gather at one platform and learn the tips and tricks to maximize trading profits under particular trading conditions.


In introducing the broker collaboration model, Opoforex takes care of all processes from financial trading, onboarding, risk management, reporting, and execution services for its clients.

Introducing Broker

Introduce new distributors to Opoforex and earn passively by every trade they make. Remember, the greater the number of clients you bring in, the greater your revenue will be!

Benefits Of IB Partnership

  • Proficient and simple account setup.

  • Get personalized support from our managers.

  • Have full access to account movements and rebates.

  • Every trade your clients make increases your earnings.

  • The flexibility of customizing your trade instruments and rebate schedule.

Become an Introducer

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By promoting the Opoforex platform to your potential clients.

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Expand your portfolio by introducing clients to Opoforex.

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Start earning rewards whenever your introduced client joins Opoforex.

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Keep track of your revenue and rebates through the partner portal.

Why should you choose Opoforex?

Secure big benefit packages with Opoforex higher retention and conversion rates, tailor-made solutions, and out-of-the-box Opoforex trade integration.
Global Licensure
Global Licensure
Opoforex is licensed to trade in global financial markets, providing a full range of trading platforms.
Advanced tools
Advanced tools
Get creative support and full access to free analysis and research tools by partnering with Opoforex.
Finances protectio
Finances protectio
Opoforex ensures the security of your funds by segregating them from the company’s funds providing full financial protection.
Customer support
Customer support
By joining Opoforex, our multilingual client support team will be at your disposal 24/7 as you grow your business.

Affiliate Program

Generate traffic from your website, blog, or social media account followers, using Opoforex marketing tools for the company’s promotion. And once your referred clients start joining in, you’ll start earning your percentage.
  • The best way of developing your business.

  • High commissions per every referral trade.

  • Earn without risk or investment.

  • Personalized account manager.

  • Flexible commissions on the cost per acquisition basis.

  • Complete control over profit earnings.

Key Features Of The Affiliate Program

High CPA

Opoforex offers profitable and effective affiliate programs through CPA (Cost per Acquisition), helping you earn high commissions.

Continuous weekly rebates.

Refer new clients and earn robust weekly rebates with Opoforex while your clients trade. You keep earning as long they keep trading.

Highest conversion.

With Opoforex’s highly optimized marketing programs, you can earn the highest possible commissions through CPA.

Become an Affiliate

Become an Opoforex affiliate and help your client base earn commissions and get maximum from the two-way earning method.

Benefits Of Affiliate Program

Secure Transactions: Deposits and Withdrawals

Easier, safer, and quicker.Benefit from extremely convenient deposits and withdraws from your trading accounts with Opoforex secure transactions. We are persistently striving to provide you with additional and improved options to deposit and withdraw your money and have a safe and convenient online trading experience.

Forex Trading FAQ.

Here is how you can use Opoforex’s platform for trading Forex on margin: Select ‘Forex’ as a new asset. Enter the trading size. If you want, you can set optional parameters. Make the forecast and open a trade. Lastly, you can trade manually or wait until it automatically closes. Please take note that if your margin level gets below 50%, your trade will be closed forcibly.
The international forex market stays open 24 hours every day – from 5 PM EST on Sunday to 4 PM EST on Friday. This is because of different time zones. The market is first opened in Australasia, then in Europe, and lastly in North America. So, after the market has closed in Australia, traders can access the markets in other regions. This is also the reason why the market is attractive to so many traders.
Leverage trading enables you to use a relatively small investment for opening large deals to maximize your trading power. But, it also maximizes your risk. When you have high leverage, successful as well as unsuccessful deals are amplified. For example, if you are investing $100 in EUR/RSD, a popular currency pair and have a maximum leverage of 400:1, it is possible for you to open a deal worth 400 times your investment, $40,000.
Margin is the amount a trader needs for opening a new position. It is measured in lots and estimated on the basis of trade’s size. 100,000 units are the standard lot. The bigger the lot, the greater the margin amount will be. With margin, you can trade with leverage that allows you to place trades that are larger than your trading capital. Leverage can influence the margin amount as well.
To trade online, all you need is a funded trading account and an internet connection. You should also have some knowledge of forex trading and the tools that help minimize the risks.